Rebel Rebel, Your Hair Is A Mess

Posted on December 29, 2012


Rebel Pin UpSo you may have heard by now of the exciting new (ish) bar Outlaws Yacht Club on New York Street. A place where you can kick back and relax with a coffee or enjoy some sushi with a working lunch. When I visited last week I had the full intention of doing the latter, but the comfy seats looked too inviting and before I knew it an hour had passed with no work done. But hey ho, it’s Christmas. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Pass through Outlaws and you will reach Rebel Pin Up – a creative and friendly hairdressers. The atmosphere here is relaxed, the decor arty and with a 50% discount for students on all services, I couldn’t help but wish I had discovered this place a year ago. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair. In fact, I’m a little too low maintenance. However, It’s not just that I’m lazy. I put it off like it’s a visit to the dentist. I can’t decide whether it’s the awkward chat, the bizarre pressure to arrive with perfect hair or that the finished result usually doesn’t turn out the way I thought it would.

However, when I visited Rebel Pin Up the people made me feel right at home. What I really appreciated was that they weren’t afraid to take risks, and I can only assume it is because most of them go according to plan. I wanted a colour that was darker than my normal root colour; one that would contrast strongly with my blonde dip-dye. My stylist did what I asked no problem, and the colour turned out great.

I love the concept of Rebel Pin Up, and I will be visiting them again in the future. Some people may find the location a little out-of-the-way. But as I live round the corner, I think It’s great to have not only a thriving bar but a creative hairdressers in the area.

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