I Made My Own Sushi And It Looked Like This…

Posted on January 5, 2013




During an attempt to save some cash (and inspired by my friend’s scrumptious sushi in the picture above), I thought when I made my own sushi it would turn out similar. I took myself to the Chinese supermarket in Kirkgate Market and picked up all the ingredients, including mirin which I’m told is usually hard to come by.

While my attempt at making sushi was fun and messy (my kind of cooking), the results didn’t turn out to be what I had hoped. Apparently it’s all in the roll, and when I tried to pick up my sushi it  completely fell apart. Evidently this is not a good roll. So I’ve decided I’m going to admit defeat and get myself back down to Outlaws Yacht Club for some sushi that doesn’t crumble when you pick it up…

Anyway, I would show you what my sushi attempt looked like, but I’m too embarrassed. Sorry.

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