The Latest In TV This January

Posted on January 10, 2013


MTV_0001Money, money, money – I wish I had some. Then at least I could leave the house for more than just work and milk. I hope I’m not the only one confined to the house this January. However, if you are mostly house-bound, at least there’s some seemingly cracking TV to keep us occupied during the most frugal month of the year.

The New Normal

Starts January 10th 2013 E4 at 9pm

The New Normal comes from the makers of Glee, and from the promos it looks to be in the same humour. The show follows Goldie, a single mother who starts life in LA in an attempt to start a new life. After becoming a surrogate for gay couple Bryan and David, Goldie’s conservative grandmother (who follows her out to live in LA) is less than impressed. Think Modern Family mixed with the sarcastic and zany humour of Jack from Will & Grace and you’ll end up somewhere in the middle with The New Normal.


Starts January 15th 2013 Channel 4 at 10pm

Brough to you from the writers of Spooks, this drama series looks intriguing to say the least. Five strangers from an online forum meet when they become in possession of the original manuscript for the graphic novel “The Utopian Experiments”. Pursued by an organisation known as The Network, they are soon running for their lives. I hope it will turn out to be the dark, intense si-fi filled with paranoia and conspiracies promised from the show’s promo trailers. Please, no more crappy teenage supernatural/vampire drama shows.

Catfish: The TV Show

Starts January 21st 2013 MTV 10pm

This new TV show documenting the actions of Catfish has spawned from the movie documentary of the same name. If you don’t know what a Catfish is, it’s worth knowing that I’m not talking about the loveable fish. A Catfish is a term to describe somebody who creates fake profiles via the internet (often using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter) with the intention of getting other people to fall in love with them. Follow the show’s host (and original victim) Nev Schulman, as he tries to catch other Catfish in the act.


Africa is showing on Wednesdays throughout January

Africa is showing on Wednesdays throughout January

Wednesdays 9pm  2013 BBC1 throughout January 

Africa is currently being aired on our screens, but it’s only on its second episode at the moment so you can watch the first two on catch up. If you, along with the rest if the nation, adore anything Attenborough you might want to watch this latest offering from the natural history film-maker. Brilliant camera shots, one awesome giraffe fight and of course the man with the most distinguishable voice on TV. That’s just episode one, by the way.

Way To Go

Starts January 17th 2013 BBC3 10pm

Another TV show with the potential of brilliance. Way To Go has all the ingredients to be a hilarious yet touching black comedy, and I’m hoping that’s exactly what it will be. I love the concept of this show: three brothers set up an assisted-suicide business after being asked to assist a terminally ill neighbour commit suicide. Follow the highs and lows of the suicide business and the characters’ own insecurities.

My Mad Fat Diary

Starts January 14th E4 10pm

After spending the summer in a mental hospital, lead character Rae is discharged to find life on the outside has changed. Rae struggles to adjust back in with her friends and to fit in with society in general. Set in the Britpop era of the 90s and based on the best-selling book of the same name, I imagine My Mad Fat Diary will be about as comforting as watching an episode of Eastenders. In other words, I imagine it will make me feel better about my own life!

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