A Pop Of Colour

Posted on March 18, 2013


Since spiring is here (*looks out of window and sighs*) I thought I would take a look at what is on the high-street at the moment. Celebrate the first glimpse of sun, no matter how fleeting, and look forward to the summer months by wearing a statement colour as part of your outfit. Whether you go for pastel coloured skinny jeans or a bright, bold blazer, introducing a statement colour will instantly drag you out of the dreary winter months.

Skinny jeans

Topshop sell a good variety of skinny jeans

Topshop sell a good variety of skinny jeans

If you’re not quite sure how to add a statement colour to your wardrobe, skinny jeans are the perfect way to start. Simply team them with a jumper or a t-shirt and you’re good to go, while wearing an effortless statement piece. Skinny jeans come in a variety of colours nowadays. However, this season the skinny jeans is all about rocking patterns and pastels. Topshop have got some great options in at the moment for both trends. The only problem is choosing which one to go for!

Statement blazer

I love creating a simple, yet powerful statement. It’s easy to go for all-out crazy clothing without a care in the world. But it’s much harder to make it actually work. Some are naturally gifted in this area and I often wonder if these people are natural artists. Those who are a little more unsure of what works and what doesn’t can always use the statement blazer as a failsafe for a guaranteed attention piece.

Go for bold as brass colours and pair with plain jeans for a winning combination, or try experimenting with other bold colours and find out what works for you. Women’s clothing store, Zara, has a beautiful collection of blazers in at the moment. In their collection you will find the glorious colours of summer and attention-grabbing statement florals. Another great thing about Zara’s collection this year is the extensive range of materials. You will find everything from a light silky cover up to an everyday cotton boyfriend blazer.

Primark maxi dress

Primark maxi dress

Florals and maxi dresses

Every year spring comes around and the floral patterns are usually seen trailing not too far behind. The blooming flowers blossoming in our gardens inspires blooming flowers all over the high street. You can either get with the trend and embrace the floral, or you can choose to completely ignore it! One thing’s for sure, you are guaranteed to fit in with the spring trend if you wear florals be it year 2006 or 2016.

If I ever dare venture inside, i’m always surprised by Primark’s offerings. And after a trip to Primark recently I saw some lovely floral dresses made from good material too. If you are a girl’s girl it really is worth investigating the latest offerings.

Wandering through the rows of clothing at Primark and I noticed a lot of t-shirt body con maxi dresses. These are also everywhere at the moment. And I feel that when the weather starts warming up these will be all over our streets. If you are going to purchase one of these dresses ALWAYS check how see-through the material is against a bright light. I know it seems like an obvious comment but I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen this look ruined by cheap material.

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