Prepare For A Scare In Leeds

Posted on April 18, 2013


Cemetery Man starring a very young Rupert Everett

Cemetery Man starring a very young Rupert Everett.

Brought to you by the letter ‘P’

Dominic Brunt and Mark Charnock, AKA Emmerdale’s Paddy and Marlon, bring you the sixth Leeds Zombie Film Festival this weekend. This Sunday (21st April) you can join other zombie lovers (and Paddy and Marlon from Emmerdale!) at the Cottage Road Cinema, Headingley for a zombie film marathon.

Dominic and Mark will introduce each film, stating why it was chosen. The event runs from noon until midnight, if you can last that long without doing a runner…

The film festival will show old and new movies, so it is a great opportunity for new or young  zombie lovers to learn about the history of the zombie. You will be able to see how far the concept of a zombie has come, from original idea to the terrifying modern-day product.

What is society’s obsession with the zombie apocalypse? And dare I say it, is the zombie becoming something today’s teenagers find sexy? This is wrong. Sometimes comical, yes, and mostly upsetting – but zombies are never sexy! I’ve never seen/read Warm Bodies but the promotional poster for the film looked a little too Twilight-esque for my liking.

In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity to beg all budding writers/directors/producers for there NEVER TO BE A ZOMBIE TWILIGHT! Thank you. The Walking Dead, on the other hand, is a show you can really sink your teeth into. (see what I did there?)

Listed below are the films that will be shown during this year’s zombie fest.

The Films:

Cemetery Man

Harold’s Going Stiff
Introduced by Keith Wright, Director
followed by a Q&A

Dawn of the Dead
Argento cut

Before Dawn
Introduced by Dominic Brunt, Director
followed by a Q&A

Cockneys vs Zombies
Introduced by Matthias Hoene, Director
followed by a Q&A

Juan of the Dead

After show party at The New Inn across the road
from 12 midnight until 2am


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