Queues And Records And Music, Oh My!

Posted on April 19, 2013


Jumbo Records

Jumbo Records, St Johns Centre from Jumbo Records’ Facebook page

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This Saturday April 20 is National Record Store Day. Across the country thousands of people will be showing their local record stores some love. And where better to celebrate than in Leeds’ homegrown Jumbo Records? Head down to Jumbo Records this Saturday and you can be a part of a number of special events happening in-store.

The store opens at 8.30a.m. but St.Johns Centre opens at 7.45a.m., so early birds can get to the event for queuing. The event is going to be busy, so if you can shake off the hangover/lure of a Saturday lie-in, you won’t regret beating the rush and getting in the queue early. I checked out Jumbo Records’ website prior to writing this article and they make it clear, quite rightly, that queue jumping will not be tolerated!

Throughout the day there will be free performances from See No Evils, Maia, Lone Wolf, Jess Bryant, Serafina Steer, James Yorkston and Ukranians. There’s also a mention of tea, coffee and snacks on Jumbos’ website. I’m personally hoping for cake because cake and records go together better than… Well, something that goes together really well. Suggestions welcome below.

The unique thing about record stores is the personal connection they have over their customers. A record store is a place to chat with like-minded people, to experience life defining music perhaps for the first time and to feel the thrill of coming across a rare record. You certainly can’t achieve all that during a virtual visit to the iTunes store.

Earlier this year it was announced that HMV was going into administration. And although people were saddened by the news, I found that on the whole people were not surprised.

Global retail giants like Amazon.com and Play.com offer music and DVDs at the click of a button that are often cheaper too. Inevitably, much like other types of retail stores, this is causing a fair few closures.

Nowadays the internet is channelled through more platforms than ever before. The list includes TV, laptop, computer, tablet, mobile phone and gaming console to name a few. Yes, you can download media through other formats than the standard computer. Gaming consoles such as Playstation offer a faster premium download that’s still cheaper than most shops – and the biggest benefit is that it’s immediate. Legal downloading has meant we don’t have to be cloak and dagger about downloading anymore.

Anyway, I’ve gone off on a tangent again…

I don’t know what the future of the record store or retail in general will be, but it’s important that we keep the record store alive for as long as possible by promoting and visiting our locals. If you’re in town this weekend why not drop into Jumbo Records or any other local record store? After all, you gotta love that old record smell.

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