The A To Z Challenge – Worth It?

Posted on May 7, 2013


With the A to Z Challenge now over, I am left reflecting what the challenge has done for myself, my writing and my blog over the month of April. First of all I managed to complete the challenge successfully, posting every single day during April except on Sundays. Looking back I feel proud that I have managed to achieve that, as I know some people would have given up or posted late if it got to be an inconvenience. I did find it a slight hassle if I was busy with a friend to cut off from what I was doing so I could write a blog post, but when I was busy I simply wrote a shorter piece.

The challenge got me motivated to write a blog post, even if it was a short piece, every day. It got me researching what was going on in and around Leeds, leading me to be involved with the community more than I would be usually.

However, I wasn’t the most organised participant in the challenge. Every day there was pressure of conjuring up a new blog post, and then there was the added restriction that the title had to begin with a certain letter. But I loved it. I loved having a purpose to write and relished the challenge. And although some of my blog titles were on the obscure side, I feel I did a good job of coming up with relevant content during the challenge. In truth the challenge has made me more hungry to become a paid writer.

I don’t think the challenge has brought any new regular readers to my blog. One or two people clicked on my blog URL from the A to Z Challenge website, but that’s probably all. So if you’re looking to do the challenge next year and you think it will get you lots of new readers, it won’t. What it will give you is a bit of extra support from other bloggers who may nominate you for blogging awards or comment on a few of your blog posts, which I am always grateful for. However, I think the biggest thing you can get out of the challenge is knowing you can write everyday – or discovering you can’t!




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